In the recent years, there has been a boom in mobile technology revolution which has made it essential for everybody to stay updated about the ever growing advancement in technology. Bulk SMS is the quickest way to deliver information to a large group of recipients within a very short time. However there are strict limitations on messaging services which has caused bulk SMS marketing solutions to become a boon to technology savvy personnel. Having a bulk SMS provider allows you to send short messages online to any mobile number in your region using a very simple and easy procedure.

A reliable bulk SMS provider will make the process of sending these bulk SMS an easy task with just one click. Bulk SMS are not only used to transfer information, but also for promotions as well as do transactions and marketing. This has helped a lot of business enterprises in their daily operations.

Difference Between Transnational and Promotional Bulk SMS

Transnational bulk SMS are those that the users want or have opted to be receiving. They are mainly generated by the use of machines or API.

Promotional SMS on the other hand, are not specified for opting users. Transnational SMS can be used to transfer any kind of information at any given time whereas; promotional SMS are specifically used for marketing purposes. Another major difference is that transnational messages can be sent on DND numbers but promotional bulk messages cannot function in DND numbers.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Services for Business

Today, most businesses are looking for affordable bulk SMS providers in their region. What most of the business owners may not realize is that bulk messaging by default is much cheaper as compared to many other mediums of promotional and transnational methods of communication. Below are some of the benefits that a business enjoys from using Bulk messaging services.

  • Increase brand awareness to the customers, suppliers, distributors and all other users in general.
  • The information sent is personalized and customized to suit the business’ image.
  • Critical alerts can be sent to users at any time. Most Banks and stock marketers use this bulk SMS service widely for this purpose.
  • The tool is very useful for internal and organizational communication.
  • This remains to be the fastest way to deliver information to a large group of recipients.
  • Where a business may need automation, this cannot be possible without the use of bulk messaging services.

Choosing a Bulk SMS Service Provider

A good bulk messaging service provider will have your recipient’s needs in mind just as you do. The following are some parameters that any business owner can consider when choosing the right bulk SMS service provider:

Simple API: Sending bulk messages to a large group of recipients must be useful to the business owner. Therefore, your service provider should give you a simple API or an admin panel that disseminates messages through SMS gateway in seconds.

Sure SMS Delivery: A good bulk messaging partner should have a rerouting of messages channel that is very effective to ensure that each of your recipient receives the messages no matter what.

Add-Ons: A bulk SMS solution company should present to you easy Add-ons. An good example of these is bulk SMS excel plugin, bulk SMS mobile app, a rewarding re-seller among many others. This gives you vast opportunities to make communication in your business very easy, productive, smooth and most importantly, easy on your pocket.

Internal SMS service: Your bulk messaging service provider should provide to you an internal bulk messaging gateway facility by default. This service should ensure SMS coverage in a number of regions and different industries and sectors.

Other Uses of Bulk Messaging Services

Bulk SMS also enables effective and reliable communication in learning institutions, between students, teachers and the parents. These SMS can be sent to all parents and teachers to remind them of upcoming important events like meetings and fee payment. This type of messaging can also be effective in two-way communications that require confidentiality especially between students and parents.
In cases of emergencies in the learning institution, for example a cancelled event or if the parent is needed in the institution urgently, these type of messages can be sent to the parents with ease informing them of the steps to be taken.


Communication is needed within any organization, from external to internal communication, to promotions and transactions. The platform used to facilitate these activities needs to be reliable and easily accessible, as well as familiar to all the parties involved. This is what makes bulk sms for marketing the perfect tool.